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  • 20 Aug 2017 08:24 | NZR Chair (Administrator)

    This Webinar is proudly sponsored By Trimble.

    Monday 11th September 8pm NZ time, 6pm NSW/VIC time, 9am UK
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • It will be recorded for members who can’t make the date/time


    • Opening remarks: Gary Chisholm & Kevin Smith (NZR Chairman)

    • Understanding shallow water multibeam systems
            o    Pim Kuus - Teledyne Reson , UK
            Technical details to consider for shallow water (<50m) precise surveying with multibeam
            Mounting considerations
            Understanding of accuracies in the multibeam and the
    positioning and attitude sensor required
            Determine what PC processing can be reduced for a faster
    turnaround from boat time to electronic surface


    Accessing the Webinar:

    Visuals: Visuals are available from the GoToMeeting service facilitated by
    Trimble as follows:
    Access Code: 768-296-557
    Audio is available by phone as follows:
    • NZ Free Phone: 0800 14 1485
    • Australia Free Phone: 1800 191 358
    • UK Phone: +44 330 221 0097

    • As the webinar system might require a download, please take time in advance of the webinar to log
    in to the link using the same PC you will utilize for the webinar. This may take a few minutes to
    • The webinar will not be live until the moderator starts it a few minutes before the planned time.
    • It is only intended to utilise the webinar tool for visuals, therefore do not select the webinar
    videoconference or audio service. Use the phone for audio.
    • Once you have phoned in to the audio service please mute your phone. If there is too much
    background noise the moderator will have to put everyone on mute.
    • Trimble will not be able to provide IT support during the webinar.
    Point of Contact Details:
    Gary Chisholm

  • 11 Jul 2017 08:15 | NZR Chair (Administrator)

    World Hydrography Day 2017 - New Zealand Seminar

    When: Thursday 6th July 2017

    Where: Otago University, New Zealand

    It was a very well attended and stimulating day. Here are four presentations, and there will be others coming later.

    Choosing A Bathymetric System

    Kaikoura Recovery Surveys

    Joining Land and Sea Datums

    Freshwater Multibeam

  • 27 Jan 2017 08:48 | Admin (Administrator)

    The beginning of 2017 commenced with a well attended event on 19th January with three presentations by Edgetech and Acoustic Imaging. 

    Presenters From EdgeTech and Acoustic Imaging organized to present on acoustic and supporting sensor developments including:

    • EdgeTech’s 6205 - increases efficiency and safety for shallow water surveys; Evan Martzial presented on EdgeTech’s Multi Phase Echo Sounder System
    • Shallow water multibeam echo sounders - case study of R2Sonic dual head 2020 by Doug Bergersen
    • GNSS Inertial Positioning in Australia - latest tools and technology developed by Applanix including PP RTX presented by Nicole Bergersen presenting
  • 24 May 2016 12:31 | Admin (Administrator)

    The Permanent Committee on Tides & Mean Sea Level (PCTMSL) Bureau in Australia has sponsored a tides workshop aimed at raising the level of tidal knowledge of those people involved in marine operations, hydrographic surveying and data collection.

    The workshop was conducted at the Tidal Unit, Bureau of Meteorology, Adelaide, and consisted of a mixture of theory and hands-on sessions over three days, from 16 to 18th May, 2016 with a field trip on the 19th May 2016.

    The topics that were covered include; Tidal theory, Storm surges and extreme events, Mean sea level and climate variability, Climate change and sea level rise, Instrumentation, Real time systems and meteorological sensors, Benchmark levelling and datums, Tidal models, Data analysis and quality control, Archiving and quality assurance.

  • 10 May 2016 11:49 | Admin (Administrator)

    The West Australian Region of the Australasian Hydrographic Society has organised a Technical Presentation held on 09th May 2016 at the “HIVE” CURTIN UNIVERSITY.

    The “HIVE” (Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch) at Curtin University offers “state of the art” visualisation systems for displaying data more effectively and imaginatively.

    Four presenters from the Centre for Marine Science & Technology (CMST) have presented their important research work. Dr Iain Parnum presented an impressive recent research work showing how to use multibeam systems for mapping marine ecosystems. Following that Dr Tim Gourlay demonstrated his research about recent developments in ship hydrodynamics modelling and measurement at CMST.

    The role of multibeams and echosounders in fishing industry was highlighted by Dr Miles Parsons in his presentation called “Fishing and pinging: what role can echo-sounders play fisheries management?”  

    The HIVE 3D visualization screen impressed all the attendees with 3D Imaging Survey of HMAS Sydney (II) and HSK Kormoran displayed and presented by Dr Andrew Woods.

    The “HIVE” (Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch) at Curtin University

    Left to right: Cory Brooks, Dr Andrew Woods, Dr Miles Parsons, Dr Iain Parnum, Dr Tim Gourlay, Kam Austine

  • 21 Apr 2016 09:22 | Admin (Administrator)

    Graham (James) Bond CMDR, RAN Rtd, discoverer of Hydrographers Passage and long-time AMSA employee, passed away on 12 April 2016 aged 70. James was born 4 October 1945 and joined the RAN Hydrographic School in February 1968. Before joining AMSA, James had a long and illustrious naval career. He saw service on ships supporting Australia’s participation in the Vietnam War and also served in HMA Ships PALUMA, MORESBY and FLINDERS (CO 1980-82). He was promoted to Commander in June 1986 and resigned from the RAN in September 1988. He remained on the RAN Reserve List for some time after leaving the permanent forces carrying out a survey of the East Solomon Islands and engaging in work within the RAN Hydrographic Office. James was a hydrographer of some note. He has a place on the Queensland timeline housed within the Stockman’s Hall of Fame at Longreach, Queensland. James is perhaps best known as the Commanding Officer of HMAS FLINDERS and was responsible for surveying and charting what is now known as Hydrographer’s Passage. The passage significantly shortens the shipping route for vessels carrying Australian coal from the Port of Hay Point to Asian markets. This route has had a major impact on the economic viability of Australia’s coal export trade. He joined AMSA in 1993 and over the years worked in the Navigation Safety, International Relations and Ship Safety areas. James strived for the highest levels of navigation safety, through the provision of simple and practical advice for the upkeep of AMSA’s aids to navigation network, establishment of ships’ routing systems and the provision of maritime safety information for navigators. James retired from AMSA in 2013 after two decades of dedicated service.

    He was a well-liked and respected man, had many friends and will be sorely missed. James is survived by his partner Robin, daughters Melanie and Sharon and son Jamie. Vale, James

    CMDR Bond’s funeral will be held on Friday 29 April 2016 at 10:30 am at the Braidwood Cemetery, NSW. The wake will be at the Braidwood Services Club immediately after.

  • 26 Mar 2016 15:41 | NZR Chair (Administrator)

    A recently published paper on combining LIDAR and Mulitbeam by Discovery Marine Ltd.


  • 04 Dec 2015 13:24 | Admin (Administrator)

    Delegates from Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, China and PNG and USA attended the 69thInternational Multibeam Beam Training Course at the Port of Brisbane 23 – 28 Nov 2015.  Instructors and students alike were unanimous in their praise of Port of Brisbane as host venue and grateful to Giles Stimson (Hydrographic Survey Manager) and his team for their hospitality during the week.  For six days participants studied, questioned and debated topics relating to ocean mapping, hydrography and oceanography.  Course convener, Nicole Bergersen (Acoustic Imaging, Hydrographic Programs Manager) was full of praise for the extent to which participants engaged with the subject matter presented and looks forward to bringing the course to our region again in Nov 2018.

  • 12 Nov 2015 09:34 | Admin (Administrator)

    It is with great sadness that the Australasian Hydrographic Society wishes to advise members an all hydrographers that Commander Ron Whitmore RAN (Rtd) passed away 11 November 2015. He was a stalwart of the Society who supported and promoted hydrography at every opportunity.

    Ron joined the Royal Navy (RN) in 1940 as a 15 year-old and saw service in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans as an Air Artificer. He transferred to the Executive Branch in 1948-49 to initially train as a pilot but then transferred to Royal Australian Navy (RAN) in 1950 as a Seaman Officer. He transferred to the Hydrographic Survey Branch in 1954 to begin an illustrious career as a hydrographic surveyor.

    He served on a number of RAN and RN survey vessels including: HMA Ships WARREGO, BARCOO, WARREEN, PALUMA, BARCOO, WARREGO and MORESBY, and HM Ships OWEN, SHACKLETON and PRESIDENT. During his career, he spent many months surveying around Australia and Papua New Guinea, the east coast of Africa, the west coasts of England and Scotland and around Malaysia. He was promoted to LCDR in 1957.

    During his career, he commanded HMA Ships PALUMA, BARCOO and MORESBY; he was also the commissioning Executive Officer of HMAS MORESBY.

    In early 1965, he was loaned for two years general service with the Royal Malaysian Navy returning to Australia in early 1967 to join the Hydrographic Office as the Tides Officer. He was promoted to Commander in June 1968 and subsequently became the Australian Hydrographer later that year.

    Before his retirement from the RAN in 1975, he served as the Deputy Hydrographer.

    Ron always maintained a professional interest in hydrography. He formulated and taught a syllabus in Hydrography and Law of the Sea at the UNSW and for many years was the sole lecturer in these subjects. He consulted and was a great pioneering senior facilitator for meetings in Australia that heralded the use of electronic navigation systems. He was a founding member of the Australian Hydrographic Surveyors Certification Panel (now the Australasian Hydrographic Surveyors Certification Panel) and was a founding member of the Society in which he played a very active role, as well as the International Federation of Hydrographic Societies.

    Ron was a dear father, grandfather, friend, boss, colleague and fierce supporter of all he loved and cherished.

    The Australasian Hydrographic Society passes on its collective sincerest condolences to Ron’s family.

    Vale Ron Whitmore.

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